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Bosnia: Incredibly Intricate Sculptures Carved from the Tips of Pencils

“Ever since he was a child, Jasenko Đorđević (aka @TOLDart) has been drawn to miniatures. As an adult, this fascination grew, leading the him to develop an incredible craft carving intricate sculptures from an unconventional material—graphite. Now, Đorđević transforms the tips of pencils into small works of art, depicting subjects like flowers, animals, and portraits, all of which have to be magnified to fully appreciate the minute details.


To craft these awe-inspiring works, the Bosnian artist uses an X-acto knife and tiny chisel. With these simple sculpting tools he creates their overall form, implies texture, and even carves tiny words into the thin stick of graphite. This expert handling creates the illusion that these artworks were made from another material. The graphite resembles a dark, hard stone, and from up close, you might never know they’re composed of something quite as simple as an ordinary pencil.”

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Writers will love this.

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