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Letter to a Friend in Gaza @ Coronet Theatre

The theatre piece contained some exquisite lyrical poetry from Palestine and some reflective, conciliatory poetry from Israel. The readings were beautifully done with the necessary gravitas by both Palestinian and Israeli actors. The set was stark; a long, wooden divide of a table, a perfect metaphor. The filming of Gaza as a series of muddy tyre tracks and military machinery that stretched for miles like a sombre tapestry was especially evocative. The achingly exquisite interweave of music that set the scene was possibly overlong. The merged image of the Palestinian ‘father and daughter’ poem reflecting on the loss of their home with deepening sadness shall stay with me for a long time.

The venue was a complete surprise. A wonderfully artful arrangement of intriguing collectibles, magicked into tableaux, I could have spent hours in the building alone, imagining the stories those lovingly arranged objects could tell. And the tea-lighted interiors leading down to the even more gorgeous basement bar! I would move in tomorrow. Downstairs the bar delivered more intriguing vintage collections, handbags, books and non vintage living fish. Drinks were served from a small space overlooked by an upright piano, its ‘top shelf’ a perfect place for ice buckets. Delightfully relaxing and intriguing spot to sit before and after a performance.

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