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Launch Party for Italian Cuisine Week 2017

What a party at Bellavita Academy celebrating the launch of this year’s Italian Cuisine Week ; where perfect Prosecco and expert pizzaiolos – put the lively into lovely.

You see but one slice. I had several. Tomato. Mozzarella. So simple. So good. Down to practised skill and the quality of the ingredients.

But! It’s a tie for my cooked culinary affections!

These guys were fun! As well as good chefs!

The vegetarian ravioli was ! Satisfyingly spinach-y ….

This good!

And this! Pumpkin! They totally smashed it 😏

They even let us mere mortals have-a-go at pizza-making & the brave ones did rather well

While I tasted cheesy delights and sweet afters

Grape jam! Who knew! Healthy too, by all accounts. A firm favourite, though perhaps a bit too more-ish.

The adjoining shop stocks unusual and carefully selected products and I shall return for a proper browse before Christmas as they sell scrumptious-looking smaller edible items that would make perfect stocking fillers.

Thank you Bellavita. For a most enjoyable evening.

Meeting Ilaria Tachis

I was privileged recently to meet Ilaria Tachis at an event in Mayfair’s Novikov restaurant organised by Dolce Vita wines.
The occasion was to allow Ilaria to present two wines from her estate and also to speak about her relationship with her father – the legendary Giacomo Tachis, Italy’s (late) great innovative wine maker. Ilaria – scholar and oenophile – spoke movingly about her relationship with her father and how she did take over responsibility for wine-making when within her heart she wanted to follow a course of language and literature. She has done both; there is in Tuscany a substantial library founded by her father and perpetuated by Ilaria – then of course there is the wine!The photograph above is of Ilaria with that commemorative bottle of 100% Merlot, labelled Giacomo.
For the wine-pairing menu at Novitov, she brought two wines from her own vineyard and two others from friends in Sardinia.
With the first course, seabass carpaccio (almost invisible in its paleness) and with the tiniest taggiasca olives – a Sardinian Vermentino; with the young grouse and wild mushroom risotto her own 2013 Chianti Classico, much praised for its use of wood; Ilaria did mention her intention to seek a structure and strong body from the ancient culture of wheat and wine. With the braised whole beef shank came the sublime and pure 100% Merlot Giacomo – to be laid down in memory; with the pear and caramel mille-feuille, a digestive to proclaim and enshrine Sardinian hospitality and friendship.
My thanks for the invitation to Signore Ambro of Dolcevita wines and here is a photo of that great man presiding!

In her speech, Ilaria humanised the legend which is her father- she said that quite often when in a local restaurant he would order Lambrusco or a beer – he maintained that from ordinary sources, great things grow. I am reminded of Shakespeare:

Lowliness is young ambition’s ladder.
Whereto the climber upward turns his face.
But when he once attains the utmost bound
He then unto the ladder turns his back,
Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees
By which he did ascend ..
(Julius Caesar Act2 Scene1)

Not for Giacomo or Ilaria …


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