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Abruzzo Wine Showcase Tasting

by Wines of Abruzzo

abruzzo shaun

Tonight, wines from Abruzzo came to London to that marvellous event space (level2) OXO Tower with showcase wines (with snacks like those that accompany the aperitivo) and a view of theThames that only an oligarch could afford.

Wines from Abruzzo are traditionally quite uncomplicated-the red Montepulcianod’Abruzzo and the white Trebbiano d’Abruzzo; Montepulciano is a grape native to Abruzzo, its dark spicy fruit and soft acidity make it attractive for everyday drinking, but it can also produce some powerful, deep and tannic-carrying red wine – only for the brave!

All such reds were on display at this public tasting – for example, the Retro 2012 (heavy number) from Societa’Agricola F.LLIBiagi – not available in UK – in any case, are we ready for it! More subtle: Ursonia Montepulciano 2013; I’m ready for this one – and indeed for the San Felice Montepulciano 2011 but neither available in UK!

The whites were more distinguished – or at least more elegant and presentable – the Carmine Festa Millesimato Metado Classico 2011with its stone fruit flavours and minerality was an excellent and welcoming choice as the number one of fifty wines; Ulisse Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2015 was young and fun and with honey-comb! And my favourite wine of the evening – Contessa Pecorino 2016 -plums, apricots and nuts- and this one is AVAILABLE IN UK! (from The Wine Society)

The Pecorino grape has always seemed to me to be “better” than the Trebbiano – but both whites – on tonight’s showing – immensely more pleasurable than any of the red and rustic Montepulciano.

Wine critics talk of terroir as of a place where vines grow and develop – if I were choosing an urban party location in London as a terroir de vue or di vista – OXO 2ndfloor Events would be it.


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