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Gatti’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

Gatti’s seems hidden away at Citypoint, Ropemaker Street but once you get your bearings, it is actually very close to Moorgate tube and The Barbican. It’s a restaurant that’s been long-established in the area but has recently moved to this new location. With its classic style and emphasis on quality and service, city workers are bound to love it, whether for a working lunch in the private dining room or for a welcoming place to unwind and relax with a glass of Veuve, an unrushed meal with friends before the trudge home.

Before hitting the basement, myself and other invited bloggers were treated to a glass of Veuve Clicquot Rich. I have reservations as to why such a famous and well-regarded champagne house would feel the need for novelty. This champagne can be purchased for £85 a bottle. It is deliberately sweet and designed to be used for cocktails, as well as allowing you to create your own “salad in a glass”. We got to choose from peppers and pineapple. Which was fun, actually and I can see why it’s a good “icebreaker” at the beginning of an evening out. Still prefer my champagne dry and unadorned.

Rather reluctant to leave the convivial bar area, but hunger is a great motivation, so down we went into the bowels of the building. Basements need the wow factor; in the absence of windows, natural light and views, good lighting is essential. Gatti’s has nailed it. Oh, how my husband would love this space! Lots of room between tables and white linen tablecloths! And rows of dazzling glassware and decent weight cutlery gleaming in the flattering light. I was so pleased to see us being seated at a round table for ten, situated in the middle of the room. Shades of King Arthur, suggestions of equality. First up, an amuse bouche (what is the Italian equivalent?) of summer truffle with raw egg. RAW egg. I can’t believe I’m writing that I ate it all, but I did, I ate it all! So dazzled was I by the sight and smell of truffle. I should have eaten it more slowly. It’s not like I have truffle every day.

We chose from the Tasting Menu (£68.99 for two people, including a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne)



I had Grilled Scallops (perfectly cooked, complete with griddle marks, gorgeous) served with asparagus, ginger, garlic and chili (food heaven for me, as these are all my favourite, go-to ingredients) (I was able to have it without the Parma ham, without being made to feel this was a hassle, although I was told and acknowledged that this would change the nature of the dish.) Good-sized portion for a starter. Fat, plump scallops with the roe left on.proper order. Generous. Delicious.


Before serving the mains, we had a refreshing palate cleanser: Prosecco and Lemon Sorbet

I loved it and I loved the glassware! I want.

A number of us opted for the Lobster Linguine. and when those plates arrived, boy did it become obvious that most of the regular diners here are city folk with big appetites. BIG generous platefuls! Lots of lobster in a tasty, brothy dish. If you love seafood as much as I do, please feel free to drool:

Follow that!

And to follow?

Trio of “mini” desserts, anyone?

Puts a stop to all that dithering, all that choosing:


Tiaramisu  (but of course! no self-respecting classic Italian restaurant etc ..)

Chocolate Mousse

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

Did I have a favourite? Yes. The Tiaramisu. love saying it. love writing it LOVED EATING IT!

And to finish off an evening of delicious food in delightful company? Why Mint Tea, but of course. More covetable glassware. If not a digestive (and yes there was one of those too, Limoncello, another classic that never disappoints) certainly a beloved aid to the digestion:

mint tea

which just leaves me to say thank you so much to our beautiful host, Jennifer Carpenter (right of picture) and to wish her a magical wedding in a few months time!

our host






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