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Sunday Song: Duke Special – Condition

“One of the many amazing new songs from Duke Special’s ‘Oh Pioneer’ album tour at Oran Mor in Glasgow.”


Best line! Out of many! Am I talking poetry here? Yessss!


“It’s like the words are crawling back inside the ink!”



Think on!

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Neïl Beloufa: Counting on People @ Institute of Contemporary Arts

In this first UK institutional exhibition of Neïl Beloufa’s work, the ICA show a selection of his latest works on film alongside recent sculptural works across the Lower Gallery and Theatre.


It’s on the LL to-view list.

until 16 November

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Thursday Music from The Station Sessions – Cordelia & The Wolf


Down Memory Lane

These guys were so good live at the sadly defunct Station Sessions , way back in 2012

Not  sure what they are up to these  days


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Wednesday Music: Dear Pariah – So Close The Divide

Filmed & Edited by James Byrne Design & Photography Produced by Dear Pariah & James Byrne www.dearpari...


You can see and hear Dear Pariah live @ Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead on Tuesday Oct 7  

I have heard it’s a great venue for acoustic music … See you there! 


Info here

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September Tuesday Music : Imelda May – Kentish Town Waltz = on the turntable


September  2014


dedicated to my husband

we too have stuck with each other 

with all our might,

love ya, Picto!


Summer 2014

rushing for a train to Brighton 

make it with moments to spare 

get on board

race down the carriages to connect with husband


Right there!

it isn’t?

it is!


Imelda May!

too gobsmacked  to say much more than hello 😦


(anyway,  I have this thing about approaching public personalities when they are in private mode?  Although Imelda always comes over as warm and approachable. Still. It’s an intrusion into someone’s private space. )


 From the archive



Music video by Imelda May performing Kentish Town Waltz.

This would warm the cockles of most hearts. 

I saw Imelda @ The Roundhouse and @ Somerset House in 2011. A Molly Malone of an evening, both times.  Up Dublin! 


if you love #ImeldaMay ..and how could you not MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!


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Interview: Cillian Murphy returns to the stage in Ballyturk

Cillian Murphy hates spoilers. The clue is in the word, says the 38-year-old actor: to spoil something is to ruin it, and why would you want to ruin someone’s entertainment? So we are at a slight loss, he and I, to describe Ballyturk, the play by his old friend and collaborator Enda Walsh, that has lured the star of Peaky Blinders, Batman Begins and 28 Days Later back to the stage. Not least because Ballyturk defies easy description.


for info and to book tickets


best availability after September 22

but be quick, this promises to sell out


got my ticket booked

wouldn’t miss Cillian live

he was mighty in Misterman

such a physically demanding performance


and Stephen Rea is a bonus!


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Thursday Gig Choice: Thamesis @ CecilSharpHouse

folk, acoustic, modern classical, European folk music



Catch Misshaped Pearls tonight at Cecil Sharp House


info and tickets



 May 2014


This is the third album by London-based Mishaped Pearls, released on May 23.  There’s nothing misshapen about this hauntingly beautiful,superbly sung, strikingly original album,. Taking the River Thames as its inspiration, It’s got an elemental flow, and despite its initial outwardly picturesque outer London setting, it’s not afraid to explore the river’s murky depths and deadly pull. Freshly penned songs sit comfortably with reworked classics from folk history, with an energetic narrative stretch beyond capital city and adjoining county limits. But the river Thames with all its godly ambiguity remains the key player,. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, but Old Father Thames and Thamesis are my standout favourites this morning.  Pitch perfectly produced by Gerry Diver, full of small but significant musical surprises, I have it on repeat. 


First impressions? You might say I’m hooked.



Watch  a video  of Old Father Thames, with footage from the 50’s


Gerry Diver  gave us the impressive Speech Project

check it out here


Mishaped Pearls will be launching the album @ St Pancras Old Church on June 13. 



These  guys excelled at the launch. 

 Sophisticated. Buoyant. Statuesque. 

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Ruby Tuesday Music: The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday

The Rolling Stones performing “Ruby Tuesday” live at the Tokyo Dome, February 1990. 


For Irene and John

with love



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Saturday Music: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Ship Song (Live At The Royal Albert Hall version)


#NickCave live at the #RoyalAlbertHall #musicforalondonlife


"for Jesse John via grandpa John Marsden"

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Saturday Music :Róisín O – How Long

Róisín O’s debut album is available here – Join our mailing list here – For more info visit http://www….


Getting back to my Irish roots and finding the music has happily moved on. And on. And on.



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