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Totally Caffeinated

I usually just do lunch but I had to go in to the city this morning to sign a new contract for less money than I had hoped for, so after the “serious” meeting, I needed a jag of coffee.

On my way back to Tower Hill tube there were a host of coffee parlours, Starbucks, Costa, Pret … but I was looking for something a little more authentic and inspiring; on Byward Hill I found such a “caffeina,” aptly named; a well balanced espresso and a freshly made baguette began to cheer me up; the espresso needing no sugar additives, the baguette of tangy speck and subtle taleggio. Then a treat – management were trying out their summer coffeeshake and I was allowed a sample – as were other customers in this friendly place; a double shot of caffeine, ice, three sachets of sugar, drippings of molasses (honey?), shaken and poured – delizioso! Onward toward The Tower!

CAFFEINA 7 Byward Hill EC3
The Solitary Diner 14.05.14


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