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Dry Room @ Brighton Fringe 2018


A performance installation by Eldarin Yeong Studio in The Warren (The Hat) Brighton Fringe
Thurs 10th May2018  Sat 12th May 2018
This was narrative and interpretive dance of the highest quality directed by some powerful cello pieces from composers such as Carlo Alfredo Piatti, Johann Sebastian Bach and within the repertoire, a soul-searing piece Alone by Italian composer, Giovanni Sollima.
The cellist was the internationally renowned Carolina Bartumeu. 
The interpretive dance was based on sequences or scenes laid out by writer Eldarin Yeong which took us through the different and often heart-rending stages of trauma within three damaged young people, a journey through abuse, torment, self-discovery, bonding and finally redemption. Dancer, Jemma Gould was particularly outstanding in the grace and beauty of her movements and interpretations.
The piece lasted an hour and all of us in this famous fringe venue, were gripped and moved by the beauty and pace of the installation.
Photographer: James Bellorini

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