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On The Buses! Sculpture Shock

For the culmination of his 2015 AMBULATORY Sculpture Shock residency William Mackrell presents Gaps, glitches and speed bumps, a performance that attempts to activate the potential of ‘Ambulatory’ as site-specific language from a live and nomadic setting on London’s bus network. Born out of Mackrell’s research into French cultural theorist Paul Virilio, Gaps, glitches and speed bumps responds to everyday rhythms of journeying by bus through London with a focus on the mechanics of travel that pass through and around the body. From Thursday 10 September – Sunday 13 September 2015 between 11:30am – 4.15pm unsuspecting passengers of the number 9 bus will be met by professional singers each with a different vocal approach, spanning blues, classical, operatic and electronic improvisations who have been invited to make a sound response from inside the bus, absorbing the fluctuating airflow and reverberations of travel. These vocal responses will also consider the automated voice of the onboard loudspeaker in relation to the singers’, the momentum of travel and the disruption to this flow by traffic lights and sudden shifts whilst negotiating immediate street activity. 


Running in parallel to this, Mackrell will draw a line that maps the movement of the journey. The series of automatic drawings will record the swerves and jumps of the bus as a composition made over music score paper, which has been manipulated from its commonly linear format into a circular form. Mackrell has chosen this structure that considers the spherical nature of sound as a three-dimensional and surround experience. 


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In London this weekend? Want to experience something different as you travel from Aldwch to Hammersmith or vice versa? Get on a bus! The number 9 to be precise.

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