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TOLD LOOK YOUNGER @ Jermyn Street Theatre


is a wonderful play about looking back on life and wondering how it all went wrong but then remembering it’s actually not quite over yet so there is still a chance of getting the last bit right. Three late middle aged gay men meet to talk about how things are in their lives, then they meet again some months later and then again; so the play falls into three acts. They meet in a restaurant which also changes with the times, as does the chameleon waiter.

It is a will o the wisp play about gay sex, gay love, long term gay relationships, one night stands and inevitably – growing old. The title is as poignant as the play – the three men, a university professor, a civic architect, an estate agent to the very rich, confide that – yes – when they do go on internet dating sites, they all do describe themselves as sixty- something but –  told look younger. Sad.

Will o the wisp? The play is a conversation piece between these three friends in which they keep asking fundamental questions about life and love, about what’s it all about, what’s it all about for them – and with lots of wine!

In seeking answers, the play transcends its gay confines to seek universal truths and in the end, and in fact in the very last and very moving scene, does provide an answer.

Highly Recommended/ consummate ensemble acting, a brilliant script and a triumphant evening of tears and joy.

Shaun Traynor

Until 4th July 2015

Jermyn Street Theatre

16b Jermyn St SW1 6ST

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