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Roisin O Recommends: The Coronas – Blind Will Lead The Blind

“In the lead up to the release of The Coronas 3rd album ‘Closer To You’ Knoxy talks about one of his favorite tracks form the album called ‘Blind Will Lead The Blind.”

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"I’ve loved The Coronas since their brilliant debut album ‘Heroes or Ghost.’ I considered listing "Heroes or Ghost" as my favorite song of theirs as I really think it is one of the best songs ever written, but instead I thought I’d list a lesser known one as I would love everyone to listen to both!

"The Blind Will Lead The Blind" is from their third album and it’s a song that just catches me. It’s not particularly poppy or upbeat, but has this rolling drum beat and beautiful bassline that catches your attention with a lyric that you really have to listen to over and over to decipher which alludes to a longing for something in the future."


 The sister of Danny O’Reilly, the front man of The Coronas, and the daughter of Mary Black, Irish singer and songwriter Roisin O has grown up deeply immersed in Irish music. She knows her stuff and what she likes.

Extract from Irish Central



Have a listen to Roisin O

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