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Falcon’s Nest ~Best Albums of 2015 ~ Boz Scaggs ~ A Fool to Care


Boz Scaggs – A Fool to Care (Rating 4 out of 5)


If as a lot of music listeners of a certain age your Boz Scaggs listening experience is “Lido Shuffle” and “Lowdown” and the rest of his disco-tinged hits from Silk Degrees, you are in for a treat. After the release of Memphis his recent foray into the blues, it seemed that the former Steely Dan member was staging himself for a major comeback, and with the release of A Fool to Care he may well be right there, full comeback mode accomplished.


The bluesiness is turned up to almost “Loan Me a Dime” levels throughout this excellent album that features guest spots by Lucinda Williams on “Whispering Pines” and Bonnie Raitt on “Hell to Pay,” and delivers a spot-on excellent cover of Huey Piano Smith’s “High Blood Pressure.”


A Fool to Care has a casual swing to it that will capture your ears from the first track and meander them for the rest of this fine album that could have been recorded 50 years ago, or just a few months ago, it is that vintagely fresh. One wouldn’t think that someone who has been in the business over 50 years could produce an album like this that sounds like he is in his absolute prime, but that is exactly what Boz Scaggs has done here.


For extra credit go back and listen to “Sail on White Moon” and “You Make it So Hard (To Say No)” from Slow Dancer and you will know exactly what I mean.”


The Falcon’s Nest


After dark music?

Loved listening to this late last night.

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