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Slinkachu’s New Miniature Scenes Show Our Longing for Nature


“On March 13, at Andipa Gallery, UK-based street artist will present new miniature scenes that draws on the urbanite’s desire to seek out nature. Called Miniaturesque, the new works feature small figurines, who on the surface look like they’re having a swell time, jumping over rocks in a “creek” or swinging from the branches of a “leaf.” In actuality, these settings were created using leftover trash or weeds growing out of a concrete staircase.


As the gallery states, “Using tropes from art and popular culture, Slinkachu’s new works employ irony, humour and a healthy dose of reality; despite their fantastical situations, the miniature figures we observe are not so dissimilar to ourselves, living in the shadows between the real and artificial.”


Andipa Gallery has sent us all five images they are releasing, giving us an up-close photo of the artworks as well as farther filmed shots that show each scene’s interesting context.


Slinkachu has been “abandoning” miniature people on the streets of cities around the world since 2006. Throughout the years, his clever, thought-provoking works have been featured on My Modern Met many times. See previous works here and here.


Minaturesque, Slinkachu’s new solo show, will run at Andipa Gallery in London from March 13 to April 11.



For more information about this upcoming exhibition  visit

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