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Chelsea Buns Anyone?


What better way to enjoy Valentines’s than to burrow down for the weekend with your beloved one, with only a box of cakes for company? And if you are thinking special sweet treat, the delectable dainties on offer @ Megan’s on the Kings Road should hit the spot. I’m not a great fan of buttercream but fortunately I know someone special who is, so big thumbs (lips?) up from him for the Kiss Cake. I managed to steal the white chocolate and the very berry meringuey bit before it disappeared, almost in a single bite ..

Did our lips meet in the middle as suggested in the accompanying brochure ? Now that would be kiss and telling.

You could tell the Earl Grey cupcake was top notch, guided by the speed at which it was devoured by aforementioned soulmate. Just as well , because .. oh crumbs! I scoffed almost all of the truffle chocolate brownie, and very quickly too.

In several gulps, actually. I nearly died. From pleasure. That brownie was seriously good, so rich and moist! Felt no guilt whatsoever, as there were still other visually appealing choices left on my mother’s china. Much loved and entirely missed, she’d have loved all this sweet-toothed party-time.

Step forward the Viennese Heart biscuit, utterly buttery I believe, though again this somehow wasn’t exactly a sharing platter, can’t vouch for it, as this whole sampling business became a bit of a race to the finish. But who minds? We had fun scoffing our favourites greedily with much ensuing mirth and many falling crumbs and there is good news for those who do not believe sweet should be an occasional treat.

All these cakes are available after Valentine fervour has been and gone ..well, at least until the end of this month, when the bakery at Megan’s will roll out tempting new collections of home-baked goodies. I can’t think of anything more delightful than sitting in Megan’s romantic arbour of a sunny Spring afternoon, taking my time over that delectable (I kid you not) chocolate brownie., perhaps after sampling some of the savouries at their deli cafe.

Why not join all the sweet young Chelseaites merrily munching their way through the fancies as they catch up on the latest celeb gossip? Like scoffing the cakes, eavesdropping is naughty. But terribly nice.






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