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Caterina 55 London


In a city famous for its history, where every turn has a story to tell, this is a family inspired restaurant which takes great pride in its own (carefully imported) family history: Caterina55 is named after its eponymous founder; the first Caterina opened a beachside cafe called Panama on the coast of Liguria in 1922 ; the first Caterina’s daughter-in-law (also called Caterina and born in 1955) continues the legend and gives this modern City of London fast/food outlet its name – Caterina55 to be found at 5 Moor lane and in fact within the fabled Heron Building.


It has been the driving ambition of the family to replicate that simplicity of original rural and organic Italian/Ligurian cooking into a fast/food environment in London. So Caterina55 prides itself on fast service – eat in/take away – but using natural ingredients; all meals are cooked using only the freshest of ingredients, beef and chicken sourced organically, bread baked free from industiral preservatives, soup made from in house stock. You can be sure of this ethics in the City of London!


So what of the food, the ambience? The place is spacious and seating generous to diners. The food I sampled was superb. There is a breakfast menu, then a lunch and evening menu of panini, salads, soups, pasta dishes and burgers. I know this sounds the same as .. well almost everywhere else – it is the organic and ethical take on these dishes that makes Caterina55 stand out.


I would like to see the place develop into a wine and cicchetti happy hour around 5 30 to 7 30 with a bacari type situation by the big city window.


S.T. (Shaun Traynor)
Caterina55 is at 5 Moor Lane London EC2




Just  look at that calamari ! Drools Ville for the pesto  lasagne ..the chick pea burger ..thanks Antonio!



The staff are absolutely lovely

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