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MFLL GIG CHOICE `•.¸ *★ ♫ ¸。 ☆。¸ ¸*•. * `•. * ´.•´ From Finland to Hackney `•.¸ *★ ♫ ¸。 ☆。¸ ¸*•. * FRIGG

From Finland to Hackney: Frigg @ St. Mark’s on Saturday 22 November.


Let the reviews speak for this Finnish super troop of fantastic fiddlers, about to take East London by storm. Listening to Frigg, they have the ability to spirit you away to an original, addictive, musical landscape and as you become absorbed entranced even, it is impossible to sit still, The London gig promises to be a very special night, not to be missed by Londoners who love the sound of dynamic Nordgrass (Nordic Folk meets American Bluegrass)


“This is Blazin’ Fiddles on steroids! Powerful stuff, sometimes an out and out rock band, sometimes subtle, mellow and melodic, sometimes old timey/bluegrassy, sometimes with a wild gypsy feel but always top notch musicianship” –
The Living Tradition

“The mighty Frigg – exquisite!” – Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3

“Alternately rousing and reflective – music to rope reindeer by!” –
World Music Charts Europe


“Their latest album is invigorating and exciting – listening is enough to entice you to travel some distance to see them perform live” – FATEA

“Their music is unwavering and accomplished – working instruments hard has never looked so easy” – Fiddle On Magazine


“Their superbly matched four fiddle frontline, buoyant string rhythm section and dynamic arrangements, complete with humorously choreographed movements, proved irresistible” Glasgow Herald

“They make one fantastic sound – I can’t help but throw up my arms in admiration” – Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales

“The tunes are a non-stop whirlwind”- Phil Brown, The Drift, BBC Radio Lancashire


Catch them in full flight at their debut London gig on Sat 22 Nov @ St Mark’s Church Hall, Hackney E8 2NL where they will be performing their latest lively CD Polka V.


“There aren’t many bands who can better a perfect album, but Frigg has done it with Polka V. Their playing is as exquisite as always and there’s a greater depth of invention, fun and beauty than ever. Frigg has done it again!” – Fiona Talkington,
BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction


This Frigg gig promises its audience “a hair-raising, voice-losing, heart-burstingly beautiful gig full of traditional Finnish tunes with Norwegian detours”


Frigg website :

At Shetland Festival


And some final F words to describe Frigg? Fast, furious and fun, by all accounts! Sounds just the ticket for a winter warmer.


Tickets from


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