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Thursday Gig Choice: Thamesis @ CecilSharpHouse

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Catch Misshaped Pearls tonight at Cecil Sharp House


info and tickets



 May 2014


This is the third album by London-based Mishaped Pearls, released on May 23.  There’s nothing misshapen about this hauntingly beautiful,superbly sung, strikingly original album,. Taking the River Thames as its inspiration, It’s got an elemental flow, and despite its initial outwardly picturesque outer London setting, it’s not afraid to explore the river’s murky depths and deadly pull. Freshly penned songs sit comfortably with reworked classics from folk history, with an energetic narrative stretch beyond capital city and adjoining county limits. But the river Thames with all its godly ambiguity remains the key player,. Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, but Old Father Thames and Thamesis are my standout favourites this morning.  Pitch perfectly produced by Gerry Diver, full of small but significant musical surprises, I have it on repeat. 


First impressions? You might say I’m hooked.



Watch  a video  of Old Father Thames, with footage from the 50’s


Gerry Diver  gave us the impressive Speech Project

check it out here


Mishaped Pearls will be launching the album @ St Pancras Old Church on June 13. 



These  guys excelled at the launch. 

 Sophisticated. Buoyant. Statuesque. 

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