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Wednesday Music : Bell X1 – West Of Her Spine

Roisin O, the Irish singer and songwriter is currently in London working on a new single and her upcoming second album. The sister of Danny O’Reilly, the front man of The Coronas, and the daughter of Mary Black, Roisin has grown up deeply immersed in Irish music…She knows her stuff and what she likes.




 ‘This amazing album first came out in 2003, but it wasn’t until a year or two later that I stumbled across it in one of my brother’s old CD collections. It’s a brilliant album that I had sort of forgotten about over the years until a friend played it for me when I was down in Dingle last week.

“West Of Her Spine” is this brilliant happy love song, with some really beautiful imagery of the person the singer loves and the place he loves being most;


“See how her hair spills over,

Like frayed ends of twine,

All wild and wrapped around her,

Like these wandering arms of mine,

Well I hope they find a soft spot,

Where I can lie for a while, Just south of her shoulder,

And west of her spine.” ‘


Roisin O

hear her here



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