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Song for a Summer Sunday: To Kill A King ~ Choices

“This is a joyful collaboration, introducing me to some very talented ‘young guns’ on the ever-evolving folk scene. I’m loving the cumulative musical effect here, like a flower opening slowly , to reveal its inner beauty. There is such pleasure to be gained in watching the video as it moves along -it’s moving in more ways than one! I love the innocence and purity and the strength in numbers! If you like them too -how could you not! I think this video was released for Christmas, profits to go to charity. Bless.”


‘Word of Mouth EP’ out now!

Check out their website :


July 2014


I first heard To Kill A King via Sofar, way back in December 2012.

its great to revisit this video, a sort of magical musical stroll with some friends, that turns into a big instrumental party .. just right for a sunny summer’s day., if not quite at summer’s end!  Enjoy!


upcoming play date:


Play All The Things

18 August at 19:30The Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar5 Clipstone street, W1W 6BB London, United Kingdom

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