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The battle of the bubbles

The final day at Wimbledon and the central stage is all set for the men’s singles final. Just before Federer and Djokovic begin battling it out on centre court, in anticipation of a thrilling match, seems like the perfect time to host a blind tasting of bottles with bubbles. My two guests are asked to describe the three wines on offer ( unknown to them,one prosecco, one non vintage and one vintage champagne, from Sainsbury’s and the Co-op, respectively ) then give them a mark out of five.

My guests took the blind tasting very seriously. Maybe it was Wimbledon playing its part, but I even detected a hint of competitiveness, with no thought sharing until the very end.

The Prosecco

“Some aroma, but short lived. Really crisp on the tongue,zingy, young, fresh with a final hint of mellow sweetness. I liked this.”
3/4 out of 5

“Perfectly balanced, sugar sprinkled on gooseberries, a real early lunch time drink – but needs cream – so 4/5”

Conegliano Prosecco from Sainsbury’s £10


The non vintage champagne

“Melon bouquet with a suggestion of sharp apple. A bit heavy, initially unpleasant but improving on palate. Sweet top notes, but also a bitterness. Good long aftertaste. Might be seen as sophisticated.”

“A heavy number, lots of blends, lacks sparkle, no fun.”

Les Pionniers non vintage champagne £16.99


The vintage champagne

“Golden. Interesting bouquet, with a hint of caramel. Sophisticated, very well balanced, real depth of flavour, very small bubbles. Caramel flavours coming through. Complex flavours. Real length. Seems vintage.”

“Impressive gold colour, wonderful bubbles, lots of cream – a class act”

Les Pionniers vintage champagne from the Co-op £24.99


After a buffet lunch


no Wimbledon final would be complete without strawberries and cream.

But my guests have to work for their treat. More blind tastings, this time strawberries bought for convenience from my two local supermarkets, Sainsbury’s and Aldi.
They worked together on this one.

“Bright red colour, light, sweet, wettish flesh, overripe, ok texture”


(Sainsbury’s Scottish Strawberries, £2 for 400g, 2 for £3)

“Firm flesh, good flavour, smaller berries


(Aldi Elsanta strawberries from Herefordshire, £2 for 600g)

Here they are again, all dressed up with double cream


How was the men’s tennis final?


Cheers guys!


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