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This week’s choice from the LL archives: Long Live The Southbank Skate Park !

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“The Southbank Centre’s plans for a new festival wing means that the famous skate spot, which has existed as a hub for skaters, BMXers and artists for some 40 years, will be re-located.   We believe it should stay!”


Ursula O’Reilly Traynor‘s insight:

Ursula O’Reilly Traynor’s insight:

21 May 2013


I always stop by the Skate Park on my frequent visits to the Southbank. I find it curiously relaxing to watch the skateboarders strut their stuff. Maybe it’s the repetitive nature ..although! you are never really sure how each "performance" will end!  It’s also reminiscent of the Beckett School of Thought::  Try Again. Fail again. Fail Better    It’s addictive!


It would be very sad to see this place lost to the planned development for the area around the QEH and The Hayward Gallery..As the guys argue, we’re talking history here, as well as an important meeting place and practice space for both amateurs and professionals.


There’s a petition gathering momentum. I’m going off to sign it now..before these dedicated and determined guys have to resort to chaining themselves to the graffitied pillars!  On second thoughts, the word ‘failure’ is clearly not in their vocabulary.


March 2014 update available here

The  fight continues and has the backing of Boris.


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