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Forage London :: Spring Time ! In November ?

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The Weather…..there’s not much we like better in the UK than to bang on about the weather, how it’s too warm, too cold, too wet or too dry, how we are shocked that there is so much rain in June (hardly a revelation to anyone who’s ever been to Glastonbury) and never any snow in December (quelle surprise). There is however, one totally predictable thing about our climate and that is its constant unpredictability. I don’t want to dwell on this rather drab of topics, but I have been fascinated to see how an extraordinarily warm September and October has created a second Spring (an Indian Summer or a Strawberry Spring ?) and more to the point, how this has kick started a whole wave of new growth popping up on plants that would normally be dying down by now, drawing back their resources and concentrating their energies into building healthy roots instead of throwing up bundles of fresh green leaves and shoots. Nature is a weird and wonderful thing and I have no doubt that all these “early risers” will pull in their horns as the temperatures really drop, in fact many have already started to do so. A recent short walk in my local London park revealed 30 different tasty edible plants, a few that are usually around at this time and some, like Cow Parsley, that always have a second growth spurt, but what I enjoyed most were the amount not only putting up new growth but also deciding it would be a good time to flower…In November! So, as they say, without further ado, here’s what’s up……

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