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London Life’s highlights for the week beginning Monday October 14

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It’s Monday the 14 th of October and the week ahead is looking good.


On the LL turntable early in the day?

A pop song in Irish?

It’s happy. It’s clappy.. Scores of young people accompany on plastic tumblers.

Why ever not!


So! What is London Life up to this week?


Monday is predictably dull and dank so a shot of colour and luminosity is needed!   Art Exhibition?  It has to be


Tuesday ! 


For starters,  I am going to enjoy a late breakfast @ The Proud Archivist

Why? Because  it is spanking new , I like shiny and I can get there easily by Overground to Haggerston . Oh and did I mention it is still softly launching with 50 % off food all day today and Tuesday?  Coolio!


And later … What about a Greek film?


By Wednesday @ 5 ? I’ll be ready to scream!!


Thursday? Photo Exhib?


Friday night? Physical Theatre !



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