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Handcrafted Sessions – Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin, ‘Silbury Hill’

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‘The Handcrafted Sessions’, a fantastic series of recordings from the heart of London, inside a Handcrafted Shed, with Run Aground Records. handcraftedfilms….

Ursula O’Reilly Traynor‘s insight:

This is the first track of the duo’s new album, Mynd, in the shops now!


It’s a mesmerising intro to a mystical and mellow set of songs, with literary influences ranging from Toni Morrison to Graham Swift. The musicianship is dazzling; daringly different.The melancholic reach and the emphasis on recollection and memory is a perfect fit for the approach of Autumn. I used to live near Silbury Hill and made that trip on the M4 to London often.  This taps into my memories, which makes it all the more special.




“On hearing the first notes of the first track I knew that I was listening to a modern classic. One of the most exciting albums I’ve heard in years” – Mike Harding



“This duo has a combination of virtuosity, intensity and charisma that merits a slot on much bigger stages” – John L. Walters, The Guardian



“An imaginative and innovative album – songs that linger in the memory held together by the fine musicianship of  Henry and Martin. Strong and original – an unusual treat”  **** Martin Chilton, Daily Telegraph



“Eloquent performers – a musical success story that deserves greater recognition" – Fiona Talkington BBC Radio 3


“If there is any justice in the world, Mynd should see their profile skyrocket – it will certainly be a strong contender for the best folk album of 2013”-

My Dad Rocks



“Enchanting songs , remarkable music and instrumental aptitude; ethereal voices and a bucolic stage presence – Phil and Hannah are carving out quite a niche for themselves on the acoustic music scene – Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky


Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin are currently on tour, showcasing the new album. I’d say it will sell out, so grab some tickets while you can!


Londoners, they are coming to the wonderfully intimate Green Note in Camden on October 7.


For details, visit

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