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Italy: Shooting on new Leopardi film set to start Sept 16 in Le Marche

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Shooting on a new film on the life of 19th-century Italian poet and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi, to be directed by Mario Martone, is scheduled to start on September 16 in the central Marche region he came from.

The film called The Fabulous Youth or ‘Il giovane favoloso’ is a Palomar/Rai Cinema production, and will be shot not only in Leopardi’s birthplace, the small hilltop village of Recanati, but also in cities like Florence, which inspired him, and Naples, where he died aged 38 in 1837. Props and effects will recreate the Recanati Italy’s greatest poet after Dante grew up in, producers said.

Leopardi is not well known outside Italy, where he enjoys iconic status and his poems are widely loved classics, but his reputation is growing and the first complete English-language version of his famous Zibaldone notebook was published by Birmingham University’s Leopardi Centre earlier this month. […]

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