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Speaking Maps

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Page for sound artist Isobel Anderson. Mapping through sound and storytelling. Using psycho-goegraphy, sound art, and mulit-media installation practices



Welcome to Speaking Maps. This site is a collection of installations, performances and art objects that have emerged from my PhD thesis, based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast.


The thesis attempts to explore the ways in which we use storytelling as a form of orientation, and how the process of telling and listening to stories about, and in, the places we inhabit informs our individual, and collective constructions of ‘place’. 


Sound in particular can open up the meaning of ‘place’. It has no walls or boxes. It moves as if it were a supernatural force, seeping into the nooks and crannies of our spacial and conscious awareness. The works you will find on this site all have a connection with our surrounding landscapes – be they concrete, field or water – but combined with sound, they open up layers we often overlook, without changing a single blade of grass.


Isobel Anderson, 2013

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