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Affordable Art Fair : Hampstead 13-16 June

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As the Affordable Art Fair comes round again, I notice with joy the inclusion of work by my old friend Bob Lynn represented by The Doorway Gallery of Dublin. Bob and I used to share a flat in London many years ago when we were both at the very beginnings of our careers; he as a painter, me as some kind of writer. What made us different was his patient determination and an almost unforgiving work ethic – he would paint for hours every day and even into the evening when it was pub time! I learned much about art from watching him at work; he spoke little about his work but I know he despised anything “literal.” Paint and the texture pre-occupied him. So it was inevitable that he would combine elemental still-life paintings with abstracts. These two genres are now the pinnacles of his work and are well represented in this year’s fair. And speaking of the fair – the paintings are not just affordable – they are investable. Bob’s work will last – why? Because it is genuine, it is the real thing.


Shaun Traynor London June 2013

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