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Anna Maria Garthwaite – Huguenots of Spitalfields Festival 2013

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Why the celebration?


“2013 is the year of two significant anniversaries in the intertwined history of the Spitalfields district in London and the silk weaving industry created by Huguenots (French Protestant refugees who fled Catholic France from the 16th century).


It is the 250th anniversary of the death of Anna Maria Garthwaite  (1690-1763), an outstanding English textile designer who played an important part in the story of the Spitalfields silk weavers.


It is also the 415th anniversary of the signing of the Edict of Nantes, on 13th April 1598. This decree by Henry IV of France served as a guarantee to the Protestant Huguenots that their rights to worship would be respected. However, it was revoked by Louis XIV in 1685 with the result that large numbers of French protestants fled to England to escape persecution. Over twenty thousand settled in Spitalfields where there was already an established weaving community.


Come and spend the day in Spitalfield, take a walk and browse around the Market, call in at Christ Church Spitalfields, the finest Baroque church in the country; visit Dennis Severs’ House, drop into the Town House for coffee and delicious cakes – there is so much to see and do – you will not be disappointed.”

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